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Character; Series: Kimihiro Watanuki (君尋四月一日); xxxHOLiC (XXXホリック) [Manga By: CLAMP]

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Character Type: Main Character

Digimon Partner: Kyaromon > Kudamon > Reppamon > Tyilinmon

D-Comm Colours/Symbol: Violet with an orange and black butterfly.

Imported from Another RP?: No

Character Appearance: Head Shot He shares half of Doumeki's left eye, which is gold, the other is blue. He has short black hair, and used to wear glasses, however he lost them not long ago and gets by because of the eye he shares with Doumeki. Upon arriving in the digital world he is wearing a button up shirt with his apron over top and a handkerchief tied over his hair.

Character Age: 16; He was born on April 1st. (Note: [Bad username or unknown identity: ”jenioctavia”] and I decided to play Watanuki and Doumeki two years older than their canon ages...because honestly its hard to see them as 14 year olds...)

Character History:


'Cursed' with the ability to attract and see spirits, Kimihiro Watanuki (Watanuki using the characters for April 1st) was orphaned at a young age after both of his parents (clone!Sakura & clone!Syaoran) died in an accident and he was forced to start living alone. When he was still young, Watanuki meet a boy about his age who told him that if he threw salt at the spirits he saw they would go away. They quickly became friends and when Watanuki's birthday came, the other boy told him that he wanted to give something to Watanuki. The boy gave Watanuki one of his bones, asking Watanuki as he passed on to carry it with him until it turned to dust.

By the time he reached high school, he was constantly plagued by spirits that would follow him where ever he went. During one such incident he came across a strange shop. Upon being pulled inside he was greeted by Maru and Moro (Or Maru-dashi and Moro-dashi which can be loosely translated to: 'flashing' and 'streaking'.) at the door who lead him to their mistress, Ichihara Yuuko. Yuuko soon reveals herself as a witch of sorts by divining things about Watanuki by only knowing his name and birthday. She then explains that his coming to her shop was 'hitsuzen' or a fore-ordained event. Yuuko also reveals that Watanuki wishes he did not attract spirits, and that she can grant his wish. However, every wish comes at a price, Watanuki's happens to be working in the shop until his debt is paid and Yuuko can relieve him of his malady.

Working in Yuuko's shop, Watanuki soon learns to expect the strange and unusual, as well as the odd customers that wander in. The first customer Watanuki has interactions with was a young woman whose pinky-finger had stopped moving. Yuuko gave her a ring and told her to examine any bad habits she might have. Watanuki noticed a strange black smoke that would grow the more the woman lied. The next time he saw the woman the ring had become dirty and she could no longer move her arm. Yuuko asked her again if she had any bad habits and the woman denied having any. On his way home from Yuuko's he sees the woman again and notices the cloud has become even larger. He runs into his classmate Kunogi Himawari (who Yuuko had warned would bring him bad luck) and they witness the young woman being hit by a car after she takes off the ring and is unable to move at all. When Watanuki brings Yuuko back the ring she explains that habits have to be broken by the person who has them. And that if they are told they have a certain habit it is unlikely to help them overcome their habit.

As Watanuki became more and more a part of the shop's daily life Yuuko had him cook extravagant meals and run errands like picking up Eki-Kyabe for her hangovers from the local drugstore. His next Yuuko-inspired adventure took them to Ginza to buy a red baseball bat which they then took to a woman's house. The woman had met Yuuko on a site called 'WitchesandMagic.com' and had been emailing each other. The woman wanted to stop using her computer because her husband thought it was interfering in their family life. Yuuko explained that she needed to make a sacrifice in order to quit using her computer and told the woman she must never touch her computer again. However after a short stint at a nearby park, they returned to find the woman back on her computer. Taking the red bat and dubbing it '[the] Executioner's Sword', Yuuko destroyed the computer. Watanuki asks Yuuko on their way home if the woman will really be cured, and Yuuko reiterates her point that 'the only person who can decide is the person herself'.

Watanuki is able to see some of Yuuko's more complicated magic when four people appear at the shop hailing from three different worlds. Yuuko instructs him to awaken the twin Mokona, which she and Clow Reed created, and gives the travelers the white one so they may travel to different worlds. None of them alone have enough to pay for such a power, therefore they each pay part of the price. The existence of different worlds and doubles with the same soul are explained to him and he tries to wrap his mind around the idea of there being other worlds and dimensions, but also other versions of himself.

Himawari-chan begins another escapade into Watanuki's education in all things occult when she brings a horoscope to lunch one day. Her book says that Aries (Watanuki) and Sagittarius (Himawari-chan) are compatible. Thrilled by this latest boost to their relationship, Watanuki goes to the shop in an exceptional mood. Yuuko however explains that there is much more to telling someone's fortune or horoscope than just ecliptic signs and proceeds to drag him to her fortune teller for a 'real' session. The place where Yuuko's fortune teller used to practice is currently occupied by someone else though and Yuuko chooses to investigate. She pays for Watanuki's session, by which he is very impressed. Afterwards, Yuuko dissects the reading, explaining away the woman's abilities as being guesses and questions meant to be interpreted in many ways. A bit of seeking magic using a napkin soon brings them to Yuuko's fortune teller and she gives Watanuki a reading. Using a 'saban' sand pan for the divination she tells Watanuki that his parents have peacefully passed on and that they are proud of him and the person he's become. She also tells him that he has begun an important transformation, that he doesn't really want to know the outcome of his relationship with Himawari-chan, and that he will be thrown into more and more situations with a friend that he constantly fights with.

Summer being the time for 90 degree weather, the air so thick it suffocates, it is also the best time for ghost stories in Japan. So when Yuuko learns that one of Watanuki's classmates (and self-appointed rival) lives at a temple, she forces Watanuki into arranging an evening of spooky fun. As the one hundred ghost story night is underway, a mass of spirits gather behind the Shoji screen doors outside the wards of the ceremony. Eventually the spirits manage to break the wards and attack Watanuki. Yuuko instructs Doumeki to use the bow in the room and aim at the Shoji screen. Watanuki sees an arrow dispel the spirits, however it is invisible to Doumeki and Himawari-chan. Yuuko reveals that Doumeki inherited the ability to exorcise spirits from his grandfather who had been the head priest at the temple. She also notes that with Doumeki close by, Watanuki wasn't bothered like he normally was with spirits and that they should become friends.

This ability is put to the test when Himawari-chan comes to Yuuko for help. A girl who lives near Himawari told her about some strange incidents surrounding a game called Angel-san (a cousin to the Ouija Board). Yuuko sends Watanuki and Doumeki to investigate together, giving Watanuki a pair of earphones (shaped like Persacom Ears from CLAMP's Chobits) so that they can communicate. Once at the school Yuuko instructs Watanuki to follow the foul smell (which Doumeki can't sense) to where it is strongest. It leads the duo to the roof where Watanuki sees a group of three girls gathered around an Angel-san board. Seeing what is scrawled across the game board (「死ぬ」'shinu' or die), Watanuki tries to break the two girls' hands (who are holding the pen) apart. The girls keep repeating that Angel-san had told them that if their hands were parted 'you'll be cursed'. He finally pulls their hands apart and the girls turn on him, transforming into a mass of 'physic trash' and push Watanuki over the edge of the balcony. Doumeki catches him and the mass injures Doumeki in an attempt to kill both of them. A giant black snake (which had been hovering around the outside of the school) eats the mass of negative energy and Doumeki is able to pull Watanuki up to safety. Through the earphones, Yuuko offered them to the snake spirit to appease it (and so it would leave Watanuki and Doumeki alone). Watanuki believes that the snake would have eventually eaten the negative energy, however Yuuko points out that the snake came because it was drawn to Watanuki. Since Doumeki's injury was gained while saving Watanuki's life, Yuuko tells him that he owes Doumeki and thus begins Watanuki's task of making lunch for Doumeki...for what seems like the remainder of the series.

The next 'customer' is a teaching student who happens by the shop while Watanuki is cleaning out the Treasure Room. She notices a small tube and asks Yuuko for it. Yuuko tells her that the tube is not for her, meaning that the object does not have an affinity for the young woman, and thus will not bring her good luck like the girl seems to think. The girl insists on taking it, and Yuuko makes her promise not to open it. Watanuki later meets the young woman at his school where she is doing her Educational Training. She comments that she doesn't know whats inside the tube yet, but that with her good luck she is sure to find out and that it is sure to be something good. Watanuki tries to remind her that it may not be a good idea to open it, but the woman fails to listen. Himawari-chan later bumps into the woman and the tube pops open after Himawari-chan catches it. It contains a 'monkey's paw' which is said to grant wishes that turn out badly for the user. Watanuki again tries to warn the woman, but she uses it anyhow, claiming that with her luck it won't turn out badly for her. However in the end her wishes lead to the woman's death and the monkey's paw returns to Yuuko's possession. Yuuko does not reveal to Watanuki what she suspects has happened to the young woman.

Watanuki's ability to see and attract all kinds of spirits and supernatural beings is shown again when he encounters a kitsune's oden stand (fox spirit's noodle stand) on his way to Yuuko's one night. The kitsune gives Watanuki some of his oden and they talk a little. But the kitsune's son sees something in Watanuki's bag that gets his attention. Watanuki pulls out the fletching end of a broken arrow (the arrow that Doumeki had won his match with earlier that day) and gives it to the young fox spirit. The older fox gives Watanuki enough food for a meal in exchange for the arrow, and tells him to wish Yuuko well for him.

For Valentine's Day, Yuuko has Watanuki make her Fondant au Chocolat. She sends some of it to the four traveling stars of Tsubasa (expecting wonderful gifts for White Day in return) and leaves the last one for Watanuki. Watanuki decides to give it to Himawari-chan, going to the extent of borrowing the home economics room to re-heat it. His plans are dashed when Himawari-chan catches a cold and doesn't come to school. Doumeki instead eats the dessert and drinks the accompanying hot chocolate, much to Watanuki's dismay. On their way home, they run into a strange girl who is looking for some 'special chocolate' to give to someone. Watanuki assumes the girl is another of Doumeki's many admirers, seeing as the archer received an entire bag of chocolates, while Watanuki didn't receive any at all. However the girl reaches inside Doumeki and pulls out the Fondant au Chocolat, causing Doumeki to collapse. Upset, the girl flies off, leaving Watanuki stunned and confused. Yuuko appears, Mokona appearing shortly afterward on a giant bird, which she instructs Watanuki to chase after the girl on. She tells him that Doumeki's soul has been taken, and that if it is not retrieved, Doumeki will stay in a coma. So, Watanuki and Mokona chase after the girl, are attacked by Karasu-Tengu (crow spirits), but finally manage to talk to her. She reveals that she wanted to give Watanuki the chocolate, then files off again. Watanuki brings back Doumeki's soul, in the form of the Fondant au Chocolat and Yuuko tells him that the girl was really a Zashiki-Warashi (a house spirit that takes the form of a child). They manage to revive Doumeki and carry on as usual. The next day Himawari-chan gives both Watanuki and Doumeki the same store bought chocolate, which despairs Watanuki, seeing as he really wants Himawari-chan to like him.

While shopping with Yuuko, Watanuki sees a set of twins. The twins bind each other with what they say (in Japan words are considered to have power, almost like a spell). Through his other meetings with the twins, Watanuki begins to notice the 'wave-effect' that certain things they say have. When the younger twin puts down her sister's clumsiness, the older twin drops the plate she's carrying, and so on. Watanuki tries to make them both understand this, but it takes Yuuko's intervention and the older twin wanting to change that finally solves their problem. The older twin is finally able to try things without giving up, and together both of them are much happier.

Shortly after that, Watanuki begins to see human hands as he walks home from Yuuko's shop. He ends up in a park where a young boy can also see the hands. As he tries to point it out to his friend, Watanuki pulls the boy away, the hand grabs Watanuki's bag and disappears with it. He realizes that there is some good that comes from fewer and fewer people being able to see spirits. It means that spirits like the hands do not pose as much of a danger to curious children.

Watanuki's next assignment comes from an Ame-Warashi (Rain Spirit, who also happens to know the Zashiki-Warashi that gave Watanuki V-Day chocolate). She asks Yuuko to help her in a rescue mission, thus Yuuko gives the job to Watanuki seeing as he's the only one who can help. They then employ Doumeki's help and ask for something from Himawari-chan who hands over her hair ribbons. Watanuki and Doumeki go to the place the Ame-Warashi specified, a giant hydrangea bush that is much too red in colour. The bush latches onto Watanuki and he is plunged into darkness. A little girl finds him and tells him that she has been lonely, but that there is a place where there are others and tries to take him there. Watanuki gets a bad feeling from the place the little girl wants to go, but she still tries to pull him in. A voice warns Watanuki not to go and a ribbon appears and he grabs hold of it, appearing from under the hydrangea bush holding a skeleton hand. Yuuko (who'd appeared some time after they had first arrived), told Watanuki that Doumeki had been standing there, holding Himawari-chan's ribbon for the past ten hours in the rain. After they return to Doumeki's temple to get dried off, the Ame-Warashi comes by to thank them for rescuing the hydrangea. Not expecting to have been working to rescue a plant, Watanuki asks the Ame-Warashi about the child. The Ame-Warashi tells them that the hydrangea was a pure essence and that the child's corpse was polluting it (The Japanese believe that plants and trees will 'feed' off of the blood of a corpse that is buried beneath them, which is why the hydrangea was so red.) As she leaves, the Ame-Warashi asks Watanuki why 'the precious things' (like the hydrangea, or higher ranking spirits) should have to help humans when they only pollute and destroy nature.

The Ame-Warashi's payment came in the form of a pipe fox which immediately took a liking to Watanuki, even stowing away with him to school. The pipe fox startles Watanuki while he's at school talking with Doumeki. A feather appears and he glances out the window and notices a girl with wings on her back. When he gets to Yuuko's she warns him that the feather is dangerous and destroys it. The next day, Watanuki sees the girl again during art. She tears up her paper and storms away. Himawari-chan tells him that the girl was normally easy going and that her sudden out burst was out of character. Watanuki reckons that it must be the heat, but she appears again while Watanuki and Doumeki are eating lunch and rudely tells them that they are in her way. Doumeki says that since he cannot see the wings that they might be a type of spirit and that they may be causing the girl's strange behaviour. That evening Watanuki offers to take Maru and Moro to the night fair, but they reveal that since they have no souls they cannot leave the shop. So instead he just meets Himawari-chan and Doumeki at the fair. They run into the girl with wings on her back yet again, but the wings have grown bigger. She strikes a man who ran into her and didn't give her a 'proper apology' and her friends drag her off before Watanuki has a chance to speak with her. The next day she tracks Watanuki down at school and claims he was glaring at her at the festival. Watanuki admits that their eyes met, and when he doesn't apologize she attacks him with a box knife. Doumeki tries to stop her, but the wings on her back grow again and detach from her body. The pipe fox appears from its hiding place in Watanuki's shirt and changes into its full form and fights the wings. But the damage had already been done, the wings had taken the girl's soul, leaving her despondent. Back at the shop, Yuuko tells Watanuki that he will be seeing more people with wings on their backs.

After the wings incident however the pipe fox fails to go back to its smaller size, to the pain of Watanuki. Yuuko tricks Watanuki into falling into an enchanted urn which he filled with pure water from the well outside the shop. He and the pipe fox fall into stream surrounded by talking daffodils which tell Watanuki he will be able to leave when his business is finished. The pipe fox shrinks back to normal size but the daffodils tell him he still has something to do and they chase him off. Watanuki and the pipe fox end up in a forest and find the Zashiki-Warashi who tells them that it was a 'High Moon Urn' that they traveled through. Watanuki is able to give the Zashiki-Warashi her White Day present (Girls give chocolate on Valentine's Day, and the recipient is supposed to give that person a present in return on White Day which is March 14th). Once Watanuki gives her the present he is whisked back...into the well outside the shop. While Watanuki was away Yuuko used that time to try and track the wings back to their creator (which is implied to be Fei Wong, the main villain from Tsubasa).

While cleaning the Treasure Room again, a strange picture of a cat catches Watanuki's attention. It begins to move and the cat from the picture appears. The cat had come to bring Yuuko a houzuki (a fruit that looks like a miniature lantern and is sometimes called a Chinese Lantern Plant). Yuuko asks the cat to give it to Watanuki this year. So Watanuki and Doumeki (Himawari-chan already had plans for the night, thus Watanuki was stuck with Doumeki), followed Yuuko's instructions of where to go and when, not really sure what to expect. She also told them that to 'take part' that night they would both need to hold the stem of the lantern. When they both took the lantern's handle it lit up and transported them to a road full of spirits walking with their houzuki. Doumeki recognizes the scene of Hyakki Yakou (pandemonium) from the paintings of something similar. They follow the spirits to a great blooming tree to collect the nectar which is, as Yuuko describes, better than any sake you can find. The young kitsune from the Oden shop runs into them and alters the spirits to their presence. The spirits want to eat the two young humans, but the young fox spirit pulls out the arrow, which since Doumeki has a pure soul is a powerful good luck charm and explains how Watanuki gave it to him. The tree decides to allow them to take the nectar this time since the little kitsune vouched for them. The nectar collected, they return to the park they started in to find Yuuko and Mokona waiting for them. She has glasses ready and the four of them drink until the nectar is completely gone and Watanuki has fallen asleep.

Yuuko teaches Watanuki an important lesson about the origin of myths and legends when she asks him to spend the night for the first time. Watanuki believes them to be warnings and lessons passed down in story form, but still only old wives tales. He inadvertently puts the 'if you cut your nails at night the death of your parents will flash before your eyes' legend. Since his parents are dead, Watanuki doesn't really think much of the story, however when he begins to clip his nails a giant set of pincers appear and try to take his head off. Yuuko banishes the spirit and explains that in the old days while it was more common for people to be able to see spirits, still not everyone could. Thus the ones that could would hide their warnings in the form of stories and legends so that people might take the warning even a little seriously.

While cleaning up the shop's yard one day a woman passed by. Watanuki talked to her until the phone rang. Yuuko had called to tell him that Mokona and her would not be home for a while, thus he would have a few days off (they were busy making Yasha-Oh and Ashura-Oh gods, per a wish they had made in Tsubasa). Before hanging up she warns Watanuki to be careful. The next day at school Doumeki tells Watanuki to keep the pipe fox with him after it gets back to the shop with Yuuko and Mokona. Thinking nothing of it, Watanuki goes home after school and runs into the woman from before. They talk for some time and he promises to meet her again. A few days go by and Watanuki meets the woman every day after school, but he begins to get sick. Himawari-chan even makes him promise to let her take him to the hospital to get a check up. He collapses at school, and when he returns to the shop after meeting with the woman he collapses there as well. Maru and Moro drag him out of the shop where Doumeki is waiting for him. Watanuki wakes up at Doumeki's house and he warns Watanuki not to see the woman again. But stubborn as Watanuki is, he drags himself out of bed and goes to see her. Doumeki follows with his bow and shoots the woman, forcing her to pass on. Watanuki passes out again and wakes up at the shop. Yuuko tells him that Doumeki didn't want to see him disappear, which is why even though exorcising the woman would make Watanuki sad, and possibly angry at Doumeki he still choose to save him.

After he recovers from the ghost incident, Yuuko gives Watanuki a delivery job on a night with a full moon. She gives him a backpack and the package to be delivered, however it isn't long until spirits begin to chase him. He opens the backpack and Mokona pops out and they start a game of Shiritori (One player starts with a word, and the next player must say a word that begins with the ending letter/ syllable of the first word and so on. If you say a word that ends with an 'n' you lose since you can't start a word with 'n' in Japanese. We played it often as a vocab practice game in my Japanese classes.) which forms wards protecting them against the spirits. They get to their destination and the old man applauds Mokona's knowledge of the 'old defenses'. Then the old man shows Watanuki the cage that he delivered, and reveals that the birds inside can only be seen in the moon light.

While staying at Yuuko's shop, Watanuki has a strange dream with Himawari-chan in it. In the dream he can only see half of the image that he should be seeing. However he doesn't think much of it, and focuses on the fact that Himawari-chan was in his dream, and how wonderful things might happen that day. After making breakfast for Yuuko she comments that 'terrible things will happen' that day. And reminds Watanuki that Himawari-chan will not bring him good luck. On the way to school he passes by the temple that Doumeki's family owns and wrangles Watanuki into helping him with some of his housework. Watanuki gets his hand caught in a spider's web while they're cleaning and Doumeki breaks the web with his broom. Later that day Doumeki's right eye starts bothering him. He thinks that some dust got into it, but by the end of the school day there is a web formed over his eye. Watanuki tries to convince him to come to Yuuko's shop for her help, but he tells Watanuki that he cannot enter the shop and goes home instead. When Watanuki explains the web over Doumeki's eye to Yuuko she tells him that the spider whose home Doumeki had destroyed was holding a grudge against him and that the spider would either have to forget about the grudge or receive something of equal value to that which was lost for Doumeki's eye to go back to normal. Watanuki asks Yuuko to tell him how to transfer the spider's grudge to himself (He believes that since he was the one who originally caught his hand in the web the spider should have begrudged him, not Doumeki.) and gives up his right eye. The next day Doumeki's eye is better, but he notices the patch that Watanuki has over his right eye and pulls it off, revealing that Watanuki's eye is gone. Doumeki is extremely angry at him because of this, but Watanuki doesn't understand why. Doumeki tells Watanuki to call Yuuko so that he can talk to her and get Watanuki's eye back. However she says she can't do that, because the exchanges would cancel each other out. However she does tell Doumeki that he should make Watanuki understand the hurt that he caused Doumeki by sacrificing his eye in place of Doumeki's, and that it is an important lesson that Watanuki needs to learn.

As Watanuki is slowly trying to adapt to his lack of depth perception, a panicked woman comes into the shop. She gives a photograph in an envelope to Yuuko who puts it in a frame in the shop. Watanuki doesn't think there's anything particularly strange about the photograph, except that it gives him chills. As the days pass though the frame begins to melt and the woman in the photograph whose back was originally turned away from the camera slowly begins to turn. Yuuko repairs the frame, and tells Watanuki that the photograph contains a spirit, meaning that burning it would not destroy it, that the only one who can decide what happens to the photograph is the woman that brought it in. Around this time Watanuki begins to see things out of his missing eye, however it is not what is in front of him, but somewhere else all together. When the frame has almost completely melted away and the woman in the photograph had turned to face the camera the woman came back to the shop. Yuuko asks her what she really wants to do about the photograph, but the images continue to move as the frame deteriorates. It shows the woman in the shop come into frame and then push the other woman. The woman in the shop claims it was an accident and that she will pay any price to make the photograph go away. Yuuko agrees and tells the woman that she must never be recorded again, by any media, or the dead woman will likely show up in that picture. After the woman leaves Watanuki asks if its possible for the woman to keep her end of the bargain and Yuuko tells him that if she never leaves her house ever again and has little contact with other people it may be possible.

Meanwhile Doumeki had been doing research in his family's book collection in an attempt to find some way to return Watanuki's eye to him. Himawari-chan gives Watanuki a book she's been meaning to lend to Doumeki and asks Watanuki to deliver it for her. He drops off the book and then goes to Yuuko's shop for work. Yuuko tells Watanuki what Doumeki is doing so Watanuki drops by Doumeki's after work with dinner with the intention of convincing Doumeki to stop his pointless research. They being looking through the book collection and eventually find a book written by Doumeki's grandfather which has exactly what Doumeki was looking for. However the book that Himawari lent Doumeki contained a bookworm which attacked Doumeki's grandfather's book and began eating the words. Watanuki manages to trap the book and the book worm under one of the bento boxes. Yuuko shows up and uses the wards in the room to stop the bookworm (it is attracted to the wards since they were created by Doumeki's grandfather who was a powerful exorcist), but the potion of the book that they needed had already been eaten by the bookworm.

Watanuki's 'double vision' becomes worse and Yuuko warns him that if he doesn't do something soon that his right eye will be lost forever. The Karasu-Tengu find Watanuki on his way home one day, and tell him to bring them to Yuuko. They tell Yuuko that the Zashiki-Warashi was captured, however they could not help her because of the wards around the place she was being kept. Yuuko says she can break the wards and that Watanuki will go with them to help get the Zashiki-Warashi back. Watanuki and the pipe fox go with the Karasu-Tengu to an abandoned building where the Zashiki-Warashi is being held. The Karasu-Tengu cannot enter the building because of the negative energy being emitted from it. So Watanuki went inside with the pipe fox, however the farther they went into the building the more cold and tired Watanuki began to feel (from the negative energy). Cutting his hand on a piece of glass to keep himself awake he found his way to where the Zashiki-Warashi was suspended in a giant spider's web. A Jorou-Gumo (Matron of Spiders) greets Watanuki with his missing eye and tells him how everyone in the Spirit World has been after it because of the latent spiritual energy it contains. Watanuki asks the Jorou-Gumo to let the Zashiki-Warashi go at any personal cost. The Jorou-Gumo tells him that if he is willing to give something up that easily that it makes the item and his life worthless. Watanuki manages to retrieve the Zashiki-Warashi, but the Jorou-Gumo keeps Watanuki's eye as her prize. When he gets back to Yuuko's house she gives him half of Doumeki's right eye to replace his missing right eye.

While Yuuko is shopping for a new refrigerator, Watanuki asks her to buy something smallish (since she wants him to carry it home for her). However she vetoes the unit he points to saying that it will never work correctly. She tells him to look closer and he notices a dark aura surrounding the unit which she says is one of the effects of sharing Doumeki's eye. And that he cannot go back to the time when he didn't notice that sort of thing.

At the beginning of the year Watanuki shares his first dream of the year with Himawari-chan. In return she shares her nightmarish-dream with him and he 'buys' it from her unknowingly by giving her some cookies. Himawari-chan gives some of the cookies to Doumeki, thus resulting in Watanuki buying Doumeki's dream as well. As he's walking home that day the spirit from Himawari-chan's nightmare follows and tries to eat him, only to be stopped by Doumeki's grandfather riding in on a horse and shooting the spirit. Yuuko explains that by buying the dreams they became true dreams, which was why both entities showed up. She takes Watanuki to a Dream Buyer so that he can sell the arrow (the remnant left off from Doumeki's good omen dream). Yuuko bargains with the Dream Buyer who gives Watanuki good omen dreams he has raised in the form of balloons for the arrow. That night, Watanuki dreams about Doumeki's grandfather again, in the morning Yuuko shows him the broken balloon and tells him that the dream in that balloon had been about Doumeki's grandfather.

Himawari-chan tells Watanuki and Doumeki about a TV show where a young girl exorcised a spirit. She was surprised to see someone so young doing something like that. Watanuki comes across the girl standing under a sakura tree later that day. She is supposed to exorcise the spirit who is residing in the tree, however if the spirit leaves the tree will die. Watanuki helps her move the spirit to a tree at Doumeki's temple. It is revealed that to keep Kohane-chan (her last name Tsuyuri is spelled with the characters for May 7th, similar to Watanuki's name) pure, her mother stopped touching her, only lets her eat food cooked in a certain way and so forth. Kohane-chan's mother in the meantime uses the money her daughter's appearances make on herself. But she does manage to make a true connection with Watanuki and looks forward to seeing him again.

A boy that looks like Syaoran appears at Yuuko's shop shortly afterward. Yuuko grants his wish and sends him off to another dimension.

Watanuki's next task for Yuuko is to draw well water from the yard of a strange house. He sees a figure in one of the windows that gives him the chills, but doesn't think too much of it at first. He is more concerned about the fact that he is being forced to trespass in someone's yard. The next trip he takes Doumeki with him. Watanuki notices the figure in the window again, and that the woman is in the same place, wearing the same clothes. Doumeki can even see her with his let eye, meaning that she isn't a spirit. They draw the water and leave. Himawari-chan begins to worry about Watanuki, since he isn't acting like his normal self, and makes him pinky swear not to over exert himself. While drawing water with Doumeki later that night, the carrying cloth for the bottles they are filling with water files into the house's open window. Watanuki and Doumeki go inside to get it back and discover that the woman in the window is dead. When he returns to the shop and explains the incident to Yuuko she asks him if he is feeling okay. He tells her that seeing the corpse was a little unsettling and she asks why he went inside in the first place. He tells her about the cloth flying out of his hand because his pinky hurt, and then about the pinky swear with Himawari-chan.

He dreams about Doumeki's grandfather again that night. Haruka asks what Watanuki thinks of Himawari-chan and Watanuki replies like he normally does, that he likes her and that she's cute, but with none of his normal enthusiasum. Haruka notes what Yuuko has been saying, that bad things tend to happen around Himawari-chan and that everything that happens is Hitsuzen and has a meaning. Even just realizing that something might have a meaning has meaning. Before Watanuki wakes up, Haruka tells him to take his remaining balloon with him when he leaves the next day.

On his way to school the next day, Watanuki runs into Kohane-chan and decides to stop and eat with her. He gives her the balloon before she leaves andshe asks if he'd made a pinky promise with anyone recently. When Watanuki tells Doumeki about his dream and giving the balloon to Kohane-chan, Doumeki gets worried. He asks if its alright for Watanuki to be without it. He meets Himawari-chan in the hallway and she touches his shoulder. As he backs into the window with that shoulder he falls through it with the pane of glass. After he falls everything turns black and he returns to his child-self. The voices of his parents try to comfort him and tell him to go back. But in the end it is Haruka who pulls him back from the edge of death and he wakes up in Yuuko's shop. Yuuko tells him that three people paid the price to save him, Himawari-chan (who took his scars, but made Yuuko promise not to reveal this), Doumeki (who paid with the amount of blood that Watanuki had lost), and the real Syaoran (who paid by being trapped by Fei Wong for so many years). Watanuki asks Himawari-chan about her bad luck when she comes in to see him. She explains that bad things always happen to the people around her. But Watanuki tells her that he still wants to be friends with her, even if she does bring bad luck. After she leaves Yuuko and him talk about what she would think if he tried to pay Himawari-chan back for helping to save his life. He still feels guilty about it, but decides against doing anything. Yuuko gives him an egg (as payment for drawing the water) which hatches into a bird that won't be affected by Himawari-chan's bad luck.

Watanuki slowly recovers from his injuries at Yuuko's shop...

Character Personality: Watanuki is a kind person that most people take a liking to when they first meet him. He is hard working and self sufficient after living on his own for so long. He genuinely cares for others that he meets, and their problems, sometimes taking it upon himself to try and solve their problems. Because of this, he is frustrated when there is nothing he can do to help someone. He can be a bit of a spaz, jumping up and down and waving his arms around when he is angry (mainly around Yuuko and Doumeki). He is also a bit of a romantic, going to great lengths to do or make things for Himawari-chan. As time goes on and he gets more used to Yuuko and Doumeki (and how they make fun of him and make him do things for them) he mellows out a little bit around them and realizes that they really aren't that bad under all their quirks and annoyances. Watanuki is a fairly forgiving person, and is willing to give someone a second chance so that they can grow as a person.

After experiencing so many sad spirits and falling through the window, Watanuki's additude seems to droop and he becomes much more melancholy and introspective. He begins believing in Hitsuzen and tries much harder than he did before meeting Yuuko to understand spirits and the paranormal. He is more accepting of strange things and is no longer afraid of all spirits. Watanuki also is more careful about what he does and where he goes, especially if something is supernatural or involves spirits.

Digimon Personality: Kudamon, much to Watanuki's dispair, takes its personality from one of Yuuko's assistants, Maru. She is dead-pan in her humor, strong willed and has a child-like innocence that Watanuki is convinced is only an act. Her favourite game is to torment Watanuki with her jests and tricks.

Generally fun loving, she is more reserved than her counterpart, Moro, however when you put them together the silliness seems to breed. They often repeat each other and others and tend to hang on who ever is the center of their attention at the time.

Maru can have her serious moments however, and while she enjoys making jokes and teasing, she knows when it is time to get down to business. She generally likes Watanuki, though she thinks he can sometimes be dense or slow. However she doesn't hold that against him, rather she considers it one of Watanuki's more interesting traits. She sometimes has a hard time trusting others if they do not like her partner and his friends on the account that in her mind Watanuki really is a wonderful person.

Character Abilities: In his world, Watanuki's blood attracted spirits and other supernatural things, all of which he could see. Since that sort of thing doesn't exist in the Digital World however, his only real 'abilities' are his excellent cooking and housework skills. Along with the eye he shares with Doumeki Shizuka. Their shared eye allows Doumeki to see whatever Watanuki sees, including his waking dreams, but it gives Watanuki the ability to better sense the auras of people and objects.

Sample RP: Even though he was still not fully recovered from falling out of the window, Yuuko had set him to work cooking dinner that night. He'd made chicken yakitori and was now in the Treasure Room looking for the right sake to serve with it. She had told him where to find it, but all Watanuki could find in that corner of the room was a collection of mirrors which he couldn't remember being there before. Sighing he began moving them aside to see if the sake had somehow been hidden behind them.

Once he had moved all the smaller mirrors out of the way he studied the largest one. It was almost eight feet tall, and set in a carved wooden frame. Giving it a weary look Watanuki decided it was much to large for him to move on his own, especially since he still wasn't fully healed. Hell he probably shouldn't have been moving anything in his condition. It would only worry his precious Himawari-chan if he were to get hurt again!

He leaned back against the mirror and scanned the room again in case he'd missed a sake bottle shaped hidding place. Hanging his head in defeat and trying to formulate an explaination for Yuuko he started to leave, but as he moved the mirror stuck to the back of his shirt. Turning his head slightly to see what he was caught on, he saw that the mirror had begun to melt into his shirt. Letting out a startled yelp he jerked forward pulling the mirror down on top of him. But instead of being crushed under the heavy mirror he felt himself pulled into it just before it hit the floor and shattered.

Blackness encompassed him for a moment before a bright light appeared above him. As he reached for the light he could feel his limbs become sluggish, but he fought on. There was no way in hell he was going to get trapping in one of Yuuko's stupid 'treasures'! The light rippled above him and the pressure on his chest increased as his lungs begged for air. His hand broke through the light and grabbed onto something solid that he used to pull himself up with.

Watanuki glanced around as he realized that he had just come out of a pond. Stupid Yuuko, leaving dangerous things like that around... he thought as stood up on the bank and tried to figure out where he was.

Something brushed against his arm and he looked down thinking that somehow the fox spirit had come with him. Instead he found a strange purple and white ferret like creature staring at him with golden eyes. They almost reminded him of Doumeki's eyes, but he pushed that thought away. Nothing so cute could look anything like that creep. Absently he began to scratch behind the ferret's ears and it crooned, closing its eyes, much like the pipe fox would have done.

"Well, it seems like we're in some kind of forest...that isn't so bad, right little guy?"

The ferret twisted around Watanuki's arm and came up onto his shoulder. "And this from the guy who made the most brilliant entrance I've seen in a long time..." It sighed and wrapped its tail around Watanuki's neck, "What will your next trick be? Falling out of the sky?"

Watanuki screamed and pulled the ferret off of him, holding it at arm's lenght. "YOU! YOU TALKED!!!"

It shook it's head, "Yes, what did you expect? A plush-toy?"


"Nevermind...let's go find the friend who is looking for you, hm?"

"...? I'm so lost..."

The ferret grinned a little evilly, "No, you're right where I want you!"

Sample Journal Entry: HEY!!! Give that back!!! I thought you said it was mine!

Tsk, tsk, Watanuki! Its time to play with me, so play!

I don't want to play!

♪Too bad. Too bad!♪ We have to play a game to find that friend of yours!

What friend is that!?


WHAT!? Argh! Why would I want to find that creep!?

♪That Creep, that Creep!♪ Is that what you call all your friends Watanuki?

I give up....

Yay! Then its time to play: 'Follow Maru!'
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Shizuka Doumeki - Fiancee
Kazuma Ikezawa - Adopted Son-like person
Nadeko Sengoku - Adopted Daughter-like person
Kazma - Annoying giant rabbit
Amewarashi - Friend?
Zashiki Warashi - Friend
Takeshi Shukaidou - Employee
Rin Okumura - Employee
Haku Yowane-Onizuka - Friend

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[Locked to Friends]

...um...I'm kinda...

Wata-Wata needs help planning to be a bride~!

Maru! I am NOT a BRIDE!

Hee hee~!

I need help planning the wedding...I know a little bit about them...but I'm having trouble researching...

Maru-Maru has been HELPING!

[Head thunks on the table.]

You have NOT been helping!
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[Birthday Countdown; Locked from Watanuki]

Maru-Maru-dashi wants to make a surprise for Wata-kun's birthday this year. We were gonna do a surprise for Dou-kun too...but silly Wata-kun was acting all lovey dovey with him already, so we didn't bother them!

Maru played a joke on Wata-kun last year, but that seems silly to do again...so...Maru needs help with ideas!
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[Accidental Audio]

What are you doing Maru...?

Nothing! Nodda-Nothing Wata~kun!

It's not 'nothing' when there's paper and...and...are these photos? -all over the place!

Maru and Moro wanted to make Holiday cards! So we decided to use the pictures we took!


Wata~kun has kitty ears in the snow! See!


[Attachment: Holiday Card]
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[Accidental Audio]

Wata~kun! Wata~kun! Wake up! Wake up!

...ugh...go away, too early...

But Dou~kun is here to give you a surprise Wata~kun! A gooooooooood surprise!

...Maru what are you talking about?

You're birthday present, the best kind too!

...uh huh...he can come back at a decent hour then.

...Wata~kun doesn't want lovey love time with Doumeki? Well, I'll just have to tell him then...he'll be all sad too, he came prepared and everything...

...wait WHAT!?

[giggles] Yup, all prepared, but I can tell him to go away~!

MARU! No...um...wait...I'll get up...

[giggles more]

[sounds of Watanuki getting up and going to open the door] You didn't let him in the apartmen... MARU!? There is NO ONE here!?

[still giggling] Happy April Fool's Birthday Watanuki!!!

MARU I swear I'll shove you back in that cupboard!
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Lookie, Wata-kun! I made you a reminder so you wouldn't forget!!!

...Um...thanks...I don't think I'll forget Maru...

So...are you gonna make him a cake? Huh-huh!? Are you!?

...I don't think he'll want one from me.....

Okay, we'll make the icing green and write his name all nice and neat like you always do and it should be cream filled - to show you put some extra effort into it.



Nevermind, I'll get the ingredients.

Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!
Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!


Doumeki Shizuka's birthday is on March 3rd!

- Maru-Maru~!))

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[Accidental Audio]

Let's play a game Wata-kun!!!

Not now Maru...I'm busy...

You can play Shiritori and cook at the same time!

*sigh* Alright, you start then...

Haha, 'ha' Wata-kun! [Mother]

Ha...Hanaya, 'ya'. [Flower shop]

Yama! 'ma' Wata-kun, 'ma'! [Mountain]

Maamaa. [So so]

That's cheap Wata-kun!

'A' Maru, tick tock...

Ame, 'me'. [Rain]

Mei, 'i'...[Eye]

I...i...Itaria! 'A' Wata-kun! *snicker* [Italy]

Ai. [Love]

Imouto, 'to'. [Little/ Younger sister]

...tomodachi. 'chi'. [Friend]

Hmm...chigau. 'u' Wata! [To differ; be wrong]

Utau, 'u' again. [To sing]

Utau...like Haku-san's family!

Yeah...don't get distracted Maru.

Okay...uridashi, 'shi'! I bet there's a good one right now...since they year just started. [A sale]


Wata-kun? That isn't a full word...

I know...sorry, Maru, can we stop?

What were you gonna say Wata-kun?

*very quietly* Shizuka...

But you can't use proper nouns Wata-kun, you lose.

*laughs* I guess so, good job, Maru.

[Static and the DComm shuts off.]


[[OOC Note: Shiritori is a game played in Japan, where one person starts with a word, then the next person has to say a word that starts with the last syllable of the first word. For example: Umi; 'mi' - Mizu; 'zu'...etc. I used the Japanese words since its a lot easier than trying to play it English. ^^;; But the small text is the translation...Shizuka also means 'quiet', but Maru takes it in the context of Doumeki's first name.]]
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[Locked from Hostiles]

I know I woke up earlier...so why the hell didn't I get up then!? NO...instead I went right back to sleep...practically on top of him.

And that weird dream with Haruka...

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[Locked to Yuuko]

Yuuko, I'm sorry I haven't contacted you before...I was honestly having some trouble with this thing without Maru's help. Until Doumeki is back on his feet, which should be soon, I won't be able to start work. But as soon as he's better I can come in.

I'm sorry if I worried you.

- Watanuki

[Locked to Keiji and Daisuke/ Hardy]

Keiji and Daisuke,

I'd like to thank both of you for helping Doumeki and myself. I made some bad choices that lead to both of you getting hurt. I want to make it up to you some how.

Please contact me,

- Watanuki
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[Locked to Doumeki]

Is it on...?

Its on, its on. Its on to talk to Dou~kun!

Okay, okay! Thanks.

So...Doumeki...I was wondering how you were doing with finding a job and such...I've been thinking some more...and that attack in that other city...well I guess I was thinking it might just be better if we stick together. Otherwise, something might happen to one of us and the other wouldn't know.

Yeah, so...um...get back to me I guess...

Wata~kun is so silly! You like him, your silly, silly friend!

I only like him as a friend! Now turn it off!

No, no...its too much fun Wata~kun!


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